Wonder No More; The Girls are Back!

It seems that all our k-pop cuties are trading in their cutesy facades recently for a more mature look and Wonder Girls are no exception. Back from shooting their Teen Nick movie “Wonder Girls at the Apollo” and stepping away from their retro image, Wonder Girls have returned to Korea with a dark sleek sexy new look and of course a new album “Wonder World.”Wonder Girls 2011

YuBinThis time the girls are sporting short, tight, velvet, leather and lace outfits complete with smokey make-up and… pistols? While their past concepts have been keeping with a timeline: 60s, 70s and 80s, it’s really unclear if this is supposed to somehow represent the 90s or if they just dropped the timeline theme all together (which is how it appears). Perhaps it’s more of a 007 concept? Nonetheless, they look absolutely smokin’. Shiny hair, porcelain complexions, and long legs all wrapped up in just enough fabric to leave something to the imagination. Who wouldn’t this appeal to?

I have always been a fan of Wonder Girls. While they are a group of very pretty and talent girls, many other k-pop groups can also fit that description. Actually, what I like most about them are their unique image concepts and memorable sound. It really sets them apart from your basic generic k-pop flavor and cookie cutter image.


T-ara 2011 ComebackUnfortunately, it seems that their new concept is falling in line with all the other comeback starlets including T-ara, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, Secret, Girls Generation… need I go on? It’s one thing to try and break the mold with a new image and turn some heads, but it’s a whole other thing when EVERY comeback features that same “new” look. Sexy, fierce and mature can be shown through more than just the color black, heavy make-up and smokey eyes. I think it’s time these record labels and stylists start expanding their imaginations and see if they can truly do these talented ladies justice and give them a little individuality.Secret 2011 Comeback

SunYeAs far as the album goes, I’d say it stays pretty true to the Wonder Girls style while trying to add a lil’ western flair. I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot, considering their lead single was “Be My Baby.” The song itself is not bad and it’s definitely catchy, but just a bit too bubblegum and prepubescent for my taste. Once you dive into the album, there are actually a lot of good songs, many of them being upbeat dance tracks. Honestly, just listening to “Stop!” and “G.N.O.” makes me wanna put on a sexy dress and go clubbing with my girlfriends. It’s also worth mentioning that they have some great ballads on there too. I really like “Dear Boy” for it’s smooth silky sound. Honestly, the only track I didn’t like at all was “Act Cool.” It just seems to have a kind of self glorifying amateur quality about it and really has no business being on an otherwise great album. All in all it’s absolutely worth a listen, I guarantee you will enjoy at least a couple of their songs.

2 thoughts on “Wonder No More; The Girls are Back!

  1. “I think it’s time these record labels and stylists start expanding their imaginations and see if they can truly do these talented ladies justice and give them a little individuality.” End of story. Point is would they care for change?

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