Callin’ Out “The Boys”

The girls of 소녀시대 (SNSD) aka Girls Generation are back with a fresh song and a sexy new look. Their latest single ‘The Boys,’ dropped just earlier this month on an international level, releasing the song in both Korean and English worldwide. For all you k-pop loving foreigners out there, your dreams of being able to sing SNSD at the 노래방 (noraebang) can finally become a reality.

Their recent single, produced by Blackstreet’s Teddy Riley, showcases a booty poppin’ dance beat that immediately brings to mind Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl.’ Nonetheless, I find the song to be very enjoyable, well sung and definitely worth a listen. Normally I don’t enjoy Korean songs sung in English because of their terrible nonsensical lyrics and plainly noticeable accented vocals. Thankfully this is not the case here. Sure, the song doesn’t go perfectly unaccented, but it is obvious that a lot of effort was put into this song by everyone involved. I only hope that the rest of their 3rd album follows as such.

In other news, the girls also made their onstage U.S. debut this past weekend at the SMTown New York concert, held in the one and only Madison Square Garden arena. They received nothing but love and praise from not only overenthusiastic screaming k-pop fanatics, but also the reporters from the New York Daily News. An article entitled “K-pop’s Secret Weapon,” features an interview with 황미영 (Tiffany) and commends K-pop and its talented and disciplined artists.

Setting all else aside, the girls themselves ALL look amazing. They  are finally ready for a mature look and really wear it with incredible confidence. I really appreciate how, as artists, they can show a more grown up and seductive image without looking raunchy and overexposed. I am also excited to see 김효연 (HyoYeon) finally blooming, as she is somehow always made to look the least attractive of the bunch. Personally though, I would like to shine some light on 이순규 (Sunny) who is really rocking her new blonde pixie-cut hairstyle and looks absolutely jaw dropping. Watching the music video, I really can’t take my eyes off her; she completely embraces her edgy new image. Somehow I feel that this group of rising starlets are really bring more energy and confidence to the table with this new album and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they have in store. Can these girls of K-pop really achieve success on a international scale? 

3 thoughts on “Callin’ Out “The Boys”

  1. Okay, so what do you think about some people blaming the Producer for giving them this song. According to critics this song didn’t live up to standard…but I think since he didn’t write the lyrics why crucify him?? Anyway I digress…the girls are really pretty haha. *thinking can I be that skinny and still be healthy* lol

    1. Ahh yes. Critics are upset because the sound of the new song doesn’t really suit SNSD, not because of the lyrics. SM Entertainment was hoping that with Teddy’s influence the girls would be able to appeal to western audiences more, but what they got was westernized k-pop. As you can imagine, that didn’t really work for a lot of k-pop fans who listen to it for its distinct and familiar sound. But, what can you do? You win some you lose some ^^

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