Beyond Gangnam’s Style

UPDATE: A portion of this blog was updated to reflect corrected translations regarding statements made by Shin Yeon Hee as well as correct her title to “Mayor”. Chaos broke out on the infamous streets of Gangnam last Monday as  hired “city workers” made their way down the sidewalks, evicting street vendors for establishing their stalls illegally. When faced with the word eviction, one usually brings … Continue reading Beyond Gangnam’s Style

A Cookie for the Millennium

I love holidays along with any excuse to do something out of the ordinary. Thankfully Korea is full of random holidays and one is just a day away, Peppero (빼빼로) Day! This year Pepero Day is extra super duper special because it lands on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), thus making it Millennium Pepero Day, a date which only appears on the calendar once every 1,000 years. First you may be wondering, … Continue reading A Cookie for the Millennium

Callin’ Out “The Boys”

The girls of 소녀시대 (SNSD) aka Girls Generation are back with a fresh song and a sexy new look. Their latest single ‘The Boys,’ dropped just earlier this month on an international level, releasing the song in both Korean and English worldwide. For all you k-pop loving foreigners out there, your dreams of being able to sing SNSD at the 노래방 (noraebang) can finally become a … Continue reading Callin’ Out “The Boys”

My Weathered Seoul

What I thought was a little rainfall has apparently turned into a downpour, which in turn has transformed into a flooding all throughout Seoul and is now being called the worst rainstorm to hit South Korea in over a century. Hailing from sunny California (around the Los Angeles area), I’ve never experienced this kind of weather before and I certainly didn’t expect to experience it at the end of … Continue reading My Weathered Seoul

South Korea Establishes Fight Club

While it might not be official, I think it’s safe to say that the Korean legislators have the ultimate Fight Club. Keep in mind that every Korean man has had military training; I would say they have brought Fight Club to a pretty high level playing field. Although they don’t quite understand the discretion of the rules, you’ve got to admire their enthusiasm. Continue reading South Korea Establishes Fight Club

Prostitution Takes a Stand

Prostitution is not an uncommon sight in Korea. Although you don’t find corners littered with “working women” there are many appropriate places you can got to to fulfill your needs. Red-light districts become quite prominent at night when blow up balloons appear with a scantily clad women all over them, neon lights turn on for kissing rooms, hug rooms, massage rooms and other such aptly named places; and the … Continue reading Prostitution Takes a Stand