Return to Mr. Holmes

When Mr. Holmes Bakehouse first introduced it’s magical cruffins to Seoul, I was instantly hooked. All that flakey, buttery, sugared goodness… who could resist? I was particularly enchanted with their pillow soft brioche doughnuts. Don’t even get me started on their various cream fillings. Needless to say it was love at first bite, but sadly one cannot live off of cruffins alone. It has been … Continue reading Return to Mr. Holmes

I Got Baked In Seoul: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Hailing all the way from San Fransisco, California, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has come to Korea to share its cruffiny goodness with us Seoulites. As its first international branch, they wanted to ensure that the flavour and quality of their baked goods were up to Frisco standards, so all of the bakers received two months of training in San Francisco. With that kind of dedication, how … Continue reading I Got Baked In Seoul: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse