As fall begins to fade into winter, that merriest time of year is upon us once again: Pepero Day!!! Why? What were you thinking? Last year, I prepared a cute little gift basket for my boyfriend, complete with a plush and homemade pepero. Since Pepero Day landed on a Sunday this year, and a very gloomy stormy one at that, I thought it would be … Continue reading 11.11

A Cookie for the Millennium

I love holidays along with any excuse to do something out of the ordinary. Thankfully Korea is full of random holidays and one is just a day away, Peppero (빼빼로) Day! This year Pepero Day is extra super duper special because it lands on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), thus making it Millennium Pepero Day, a date which only appears on the calendar once every 1,000 years. First you may be wondering, … Continue reading A Cookie for the Millennium