The Land of Forgotten Toys: Yongma Land (용마랜드)

When listing all of Korea’s most beautiful landmarks, an abandoned amusement park may be the furthest thing from your mind. Yet it may just be one of the most memorable palaces I’ve ever been to in Seoul. In an older part of Korea, near a traditional family burial ground at the base of Seoul’s eastern mountains, lies an abandoned wonderland. 용마랜드 (Yongma Land) opened its … Continue reading The Land of Forgotten Toys: Yongma Land (용마랜드)

Haebongchon Guided Ghost Tour

As we move further into October, people stateside begin to anticipate one of the most exciting nights of the year… Halloween! Living in Korea I had come to terms that there would be certain holidays that I would have to give up: American Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Super Bowl Sunday and even Halloween. As the expat community continues to grow and the younger Korean generation … Continue reading Haebongchon Guided Ghost Tour