I Got Baked In Seoul: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Hailing all the way from San Fransisco, California, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has come to Korea to share its cruffiny goodness with us Seoulites. As its first international branch, they wanted to ensure that the flavour and quality of their baked goods were up to Frisco standards, so all of the bakers received two months of training in San Francisco. With that kind of dedication, how … Continue reading I Got Baked In Seoul: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Line Friends Store & Cafe

While Kakao Talk may be the dominant choice among messenger apps in Korea, Line seems to be dominating the world with its ultimate cuteness. Back in March, Line launched it’s 3 floor ‘Line Friends’ flagship store in Garosu-gil making it the largest largest amongst the 7 LINE FRIENDS stores across the globe. I just so happened to be in the area recently, so I decided to check … Continue reading Line Friends Store & Cafe

A Cupcake a Day

One weekend, the boyfriend and I were trudging through the rainy streets of 압구정 (Apgujeong). He had lost one of our random nonsensical bets and owed me coffee at a cafe of my choosing (Bwahahaa). Soooo, as we were browsing the vast selection of cafés on 가로수 길 (Garosugil), I remembered a place we had both been rather curious about, Good Ovening Cupcake. It’s a chain … Continue reading A Cupcake a Day

Lions and Tigers and Bears… OH MY!

There are toy stores and then there is something else entirely. I pretty much spent this past weekend in 압구정 (Apgujeong), so it was by accident that my boyfriend and I came across a really unique store. Hansa is a store that specializes in handcrafted stuffed animals and with Christmas right around the corner, is also decked out with a festive holiday theme.  Plushies plus Christmas? … Continue reading Lions and Tigers and Bears… OH MY!