model posing with korean sun cream and canola flowers

Best sunscreens of 2023 for EVERY skin type

Sunscreen is probably the most important step in my skincare routine, but to be honest that wasn’t always the case. I used to be one of those “Sunscreen in for the beach” kind of people. In fact, my skin care journey didn’t really start until after I graduated from university. So, it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin! Recently I’ve fallen … Continue reading Best sunscreens of 2023 for EVERY skin type

tteokbokki gimbap sundae and fried tempura meal

Cheolgil Tteokbokki (철길떡볶이)

Even at first glance, you’d never mistake Cheolgil Tteokbokki for a run-of-the-mill restaurant. The windows are foggy even though the air is clear, and decades of Seoul’s humid summers and frigid winters have warped the planks that cover the building. Inside, the tteokbokki sauce bubbles in its oversized pans and fills the entire restaurant with the signature, mouth-watering gochujang scent. The menu is sweet and … Continue reading Cheolgil Tteokbokki (철길떡볶이)

Christmas Decoration Shopping in Korea

Christmas in Seoul is magical. Every year it seems like the city embraces the festive warmth of the season just a little bit more. The subway stations, streets and malls are all decked out in glittering lights, fully decorated trees and all sorts of grand displays. I think it’s safe to say that we could all use a bit of extra holiday cheer this year, … Continue reading Christmas Decoration Shopping in Korea

How To: Hong Kong Disneyland 2020

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Let’s be honest, the Coronavirus pandemic has left the world much changed. It’s crazy to think that I started 2020 in Hong Kong with my husband, mother and sister and actually rang in the new year at Hong Kong Disneyland. … Continue reading How To: Hong Kong Disneyland 2020

Paju: 톡톡딸기랜드 & Heyri Art Village

Spring is a highly anticipated time of year here here in Korea. It’s a time for cherry blossom festivals, picnics with friends, outdoor concerts and all sorts of social gatherings. Obviously these things have all been canceled and it has left everyone in a bit of funk. Needless to say the coronavirus outbreak has seriously made a mess of 2020, but we were determined to … Continue reading Paju: 톡톡딸기랜드 & Heyri Art Village