Ayurveda “Green” Dog Bath

It’s no secret that I pamper (some would say spoil) my dog. To me he’s not just a dog, he’s family, my baby. I raise him, feed him, clothe him and put a roof over his head. We go shopping together and even frequent cafes. If you ever have the pleasure of making his acquaintance, you’ll soon find his personality to be more human than not.Daon Pet Shop

In a lot of ways, Seoul is a great place to be a medium~small dog owner. The city is flooded with animal clinics, pet shops and boutiques. There are even street vendors that sell dog clothes and accessories. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants that will allow you to bring your dog along with you if you don’t mind patio seating.Daon Pet Shop (inside)

While it may seem like I spoil my dog, it really isn’t all that unusual in Seoul. In fact, the demand to pamper pets is so high that many groomers offer “spa days” with special oils, salts and herbal treatments to improve skin, fur and overall wellbeing. The ayurveda “green” dog bath has been the latest spa treatment in Korea. It’s an herbal bath that helps to remove all the dead skin cells and fur from the body and moisturize the skin. It sounds kinda of gimmicky, but I’ve actually taken my pup for this spa treatment twice and it works really well.Ayurveda Dog Bath

Not every groomer offers this treatment, but I found a good spot in Sinchon called Daon Pet Shop while I was browsing Instagram. I took my dog there for a bath when they first opened last year and while the staff was very friendly, it seemed like they still had a lot of stuff to figure out. Now, they are much more organized with plenty of trained staff and lots of bath and grooming options. I’ll admit, I only tried the ayurveda bath at first because the dogs on Instagram looked so cute, but there’s definitely no arguing with its results. My pup’s skin looks so healthy and his coat is so shiny. They even gave us pictures and video of his spa session. He looked like a green alien.Before SpaAfter Spa

Though it’s not a frequent thing I treat him to, I do like to take him at least once a month (particularly in the winter). Other than their spa options, I’d say Daon Pet Shop is pretty much your typical pet store with lots food, clothing and pet care items for all your doggie needs. If you ever want to pamper your fur baby, green’s the way to go.

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  1. i love reading your blogs about 우유 cause i too have a fur baby that i actually treat like my own baby/child. since vacation is coming up, i want to travel with my baby instead of leaving him with a pet sitter. thanks for your blogs, hope to see more! 😀 <3

    1. Thanks so much for reading!!! It’s always more fun to travel with our fur babies isn’t it? 우유 really loves exploring new places ^^

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