Luxury Theaters in Seoul: Megabox Boutique M

This year I decided to take my boyfriend out to see a movie for his birthday. I know it sounds pretty basic, but leave it to me to find some way to upgrade the experience. We’ve been wanting to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” so we headed to the Megabox theater in Gangnam’s prominent COEX Mall.MegaboxMegabox COEXMarvel Avengers

This particular location definitely sets the bar high as far as movie theaters are concerned. It’s huge! As you walk through the seemingly normal entrance, it opens up into a 2 floor space with oversized movie posters along the walls and a slide you can actually ride down to the bottom (4:00pm~7:00pm), escalator and stairs be damned. There’s a concession stand with a towering popcorn dispenser above it proudly proclaiming “Mega Popcorn,” an arcade and plenty of seats to lounge about in. There’s also a Coffee Bean and Burger King should you feel a bit peckish.Mega SlideMegabox Boutique MMega PopcornHulk vs Hulkbuster

Right now there’s a Marvel and Enter 6 collaboration, so there are tons of marvel props and collectibles to gawk at while you wait for your movie to start. There’s also a Marvel store for all your nerdy shopping needs. They have everything a Marvel fan could want from apparel and electronics to plushies and collectables. They also have various character sculptures like Ant Man and Doctor Strange to scratch that selfie-taking itch. I personally really enjoyed the the life-size Hulk vs Hulkbuster sculpture near the concession stand. After looking around and geeking out bit, we decided to go find our theater.Marvel Collectables Marvel Enter 6Marvel Swag

Megabox Boutique M is nothing short of swanky. In an area separate from the “commoners” theater, Megabox Boutique M is set to have a hotel-like feel to it, complete with its own entrance, lobby and even concierge desk, should you need any assistance. There is also a bar in the lobby where you can order yourself a snack or perhaps a glass of wine or a cocktail while you wait to be escorted to your theater or “suite.” The lobby area alone set the mood for the rest for the rest of our movie going experience. Decorated with comfy leather couches, tables made out of old hallowed out JPL speakers, low lighting, antique desk lamps, dark wood and gold angular accents, you definitely get a vintage 1920s-ish feel. We totally felt like VIPs.Team CapAnt ManBoutique M

About 20 mins before the movie starts, you can ask to be escorted to your theater. Each theater is given a room number, such as 101, 102 or 103 and there are 2 different types of theaters to choose from: Suite or Comfort. The Comfort theater offers a casual ambiance with comfy chairs and side tables for your refreshments. I opted for the Suite, which offers comfy reclining leather armchairs, footrests, personal side tables and a separated table for snacks.Boutique M EntranceBoutique M LobbyBoutique M Lounge

We also got a “Welcome Package,” which included a blanket, indoor slippers, Fiji water, wet tissues, refreshment candies, and a room service menu. Room service is offered right up until the movie starts, so we made sure to go in early and take advantage of this awesome perk. Everything served at the bar is offered in the menu and since they partnered up with some popular cafes and restaurants it’s all quality stuff. While we brought in our own coffee from the Coffee Bean downstairs, we decided to order a slice of tuxedo cheesecake (from the Cheesecake Factory) and a large bucket of caramel popcorn. It was definitely tempting to order more, especially since everything was priced normally with no additional fees.Boutique M BarBoutique M Suite Boutique M Room Service

It was one of the most comfortable and unique movie going experiences we’ve ever had. It was a bit on the pricier side (by Korean movie standards), but totally worth it. We seriously didn’t want to leave our seats. The theater itself only sits about 36 people, so it was very intimate and cozy. Plus the service was excellent and the staff was so nice and helpful. We definitely felt pampered and my boyfriend had a wonderful time! So if you’re looking to do something special with a certain someone or just want to “treat yo self” give Megabox Boutique M a try! WARNING: It may ruin other theaters for you.

  • Price
    • Comfort
      • Weekdays (Mon~Thurs): 11,000
      • Weekends (Fri~Sun): 12,000
    • Suite
      • Weekdays (Mon~Thurs): 25,000
      • Weekends (Fri~Sun): 30,000
  • Address
    • 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 524 코엑스몰
    • 159-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (COEX Mall)
  • Phone
    • 1544-0070
  • Website (Korean ONLY)



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