SSIN STEALER x Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics

My interest in Korean beauty products and cosmetics is constantly growing. Korea has so many products to choose from. A surprising amount are high quality, uniquely packaged and won’t even break the bank. Of course there are some duds in the mix , but honestly it’s hard not to get swept up in it. My vanity is starting to accrue quite the collection, but I’m also starting to distinguish what products are worth getting or not a lot more easily than before.SSIN STEALER x Unpretty Rapstar

Today, I’m going to be reviewing some of the products from the SSIN STEALER x Unpretty Rapstar cosmetic line. For those who are unfamiliar, Ssin Nim (씬님) is a popular and very talented Korean Beauty YouTuber. I love watching her makeup tutorials because she’s so funny and animated. Recently she released her new cosmetic line in collaboration with Unpretty Rapstar which is pretty cool! Unpretty Rapster is an insanely popular televised female rap competition here in Korea. About a year ago they released their own cosmetic brand, but I wasn’t as inclined to try it until this collaboration.

Ssin Stealer: Frame Shadow Collection (씬 스틸러: 프레임 섀도우 컬렉션)Frame Shadow Collection

In her collection, there are two different pallets to choose from; 01 Screen Seller (스크린 셀러) and 02 Deep Focus (딥 포커스). I got the 01 Screen Seller which is a combination of pinks and browns and 100% my style. It comes with 2 highlighter shades, 3 shimmery/satin accent colors and 3 matte colors. It’s a really nice everyday pallet and it’s particularly good for achieving a nice summer time look or that cute girly look you see on so many k-pop stars these days. The shadows have a nice pigmentation and the pallet is the perfect size for travel. It closes nice and tight so you can easily and safely keep it in your bag.

Ssin Stealer: Spotlight (씬 스틸러: 스포트라이트)Spotlight

I love this highlight pallet! It comes divided up into four quadrants of bone gold, cream peach, pink chiffon and berry sunrise. It’s so finely milled, so soft, so silky and absolutely gorgeous! It’s very pigmented and shiny and really gives my skin a bright and radiant glow. You can mix all the colors together or use certain ones, pretty much whatever floats your boat. I’m yet to try a better highlighter than this one. If you could only try one product from this line, this would have to be it.

Ssin Stealer: Method Acting Brush Set (씬스틸러 메소드액팅 브러쉬 세트)Method Acting Brush Set

The brush set comes with four different brushes, 1 Highlighter & Contouring Brush, 1 Concealer Brush, 1 Eyeshadow Blending Brush and 1 Eyeshadow Medium Brush all packaged in a super cute travel sized pouch. I think the brushes are pretty good, particularly if you are a novice. They are all really soft and pick up powder pretty well. However, I would have to say that the the highlighter & contouring brush along with the concealer brush are the best. I found the concealer brush to be particularly unique as it fits the curvature of my face and really gets into every crevice. It also blends really well, leaving the skin nice and even. Overall I think it’s a pretty good brush set for the price.SSIN STEALER Makeup

I really like the overall look and design of this line. I’m a huge fan of cute and colourful packaging and I really like how it is achieved in a minimalistic way without making it look cheap or childish. The shadows and highlighters are all really easy to apply and blend. The brushes are really soft and pick up powders quite easily.  I’m quite impressed with the general quality of the product and at such affordable prices. These were just the items I was interested in, but if you’re interested seeing more of her line, you check out THIS tutorial (with English subs), where Ssin Nim shares all her new products, along with swatches and how to create a great look using them. Enjoy!

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