Selfie Lattes @ CaFace

It goes without saying that we live in a selfie obsessed time. I can’t speak for every country, but here in Korea, going anywhere (alone or accompanied) and taking dozens of selfies is pretty much the norm. So it wasn’t all that surprising when I came across a cafe whose entire mission is to satisfy or selfie cravings on a whole new level.CaFace

CaFace has a simple interior with a clean modern feel to it. While it’s mostly white and albeit a bit plain, the vibrant rainbow colors on its logo and menu do pop because of it. There’s not a whole lot going on decoration wise, just a mix of booth, bar and table seating. The real attraction lies on their menu.CaFace Logo

Their menu offers a wide variety of drinks, from coffees and frappuccinos to juices and smoothies. The star, however, would be their “picture lattes,” aka “selfie lattes”. To get started, you need to order a latte of your choice. You can get it hot or cold, though cold drinks yield the best results. Their lattes range from about ₩5,300 ~ ₩5,800, and include both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options. However, there is an additional ₩2,200 charge to print the photo on top.Menu & Interior

After paying, you can make your way to a little photo booth at the front of the store to take your selfie. Inside the both is a cellphone and instructions on how to and how not to take your picture. You can choose to take it alone or with up to one other person. My boyfriend and I got a little silly with our photo the first time we went.Photo ZoneSelfie Time

After that, you can return to your table and with for your drink. The drinks themselves aren’t bad, but nothing to write home about. Although the lattes themselves are average, I do really like the foam the pictures are printed on. It’s relatively thick and has a creamy texture and sweeter flavour than any other foam Iv’e had. It’s really quite tasty!Selfie Besties 1Friends LatteI Heart U

Of course the big draw would obviously be the awesome pictures they print right on your drink. The results are so good It’s hard to believe the drink is actually edible!  It can be pretty tough to bring yourself to destroy/ drink it, though that part can be pretty fun too. Making other shapes, swirls and edits to the picture with your straw is like a bonus feature.Selfie Besties 2Couple LatteSwirls

Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty cool cafe with a very unique concept. It’s a fun place to check out with friends, go with visiting relatives or take a date to. The price is a bit steep for an otherwise regular cup of coffee, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a regular go to spot. Other than that, the results are always amusing and definitely worth checking out at least once. So, if you ever need something to satisfy your narcissistic side, check out CaFace.Selfielicious

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