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Korean Palaces by Moonlight

One of the cool things about living in Seoul is that you are never too far away from a palace. I mean an actual real life piece of history that you can simply stroll through (during open hours of course). Honestly I can never get enough! The colours, architecture and history just call to me. So it’s not all that surprising that I find myself visiting one almost every month.경복궁 (gate)

Usually during the spring and summer there are special night tours where visitors are allowed to roam the palace grounds by moonlight. It’s a lovely and romantic experience. Unfortunately the opportunity only comes around 48 days out of the year for a very select number of foreigners and natives.경복궁 (entrance)경복궁 (doors)

This year, however, the Cultural Heritage Administration has decided to extend the number of night tours due to its obvious popularity. Both 창경궁 (Changgyeonggung) and 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung) will be opened from March 1st to April 4th from 7:00pm~10:00pm. The event will be limited to 2,500 visitors a night and you must arrive before 9:00pm to get in.경복궁경복궁 (mountains)

I happened to come across the information as I was walking by the palace with my boyfriend after a date and we managed to get in right before 9:00pm. It was a lot of fun but not nearly enough time. We went to this event last year, but this year much more of the palace grounds are opened to the public. It’s a great idea for a date or a great opportunity for photographers. Either way, if you want any decent shots, tripods, time and patience are definitely a necessity.경복궁 (roof)경복궁 (shadows)

Although April 4th is quickly approaching,  there are plans to have another night tour period from April 29th~June 1st. So if you can’t make it this time, the next event period is right around the corner. I’m not quite sure on the details yet, but I’ll be sure to write up an update when I find out. Until next time…경복궁 (lake)

경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung)

  • Hours
    • 7:00pm~10:00pm Wednesday~Monday
    • CLOSED on Tuesdays
  • Address
    • 161, Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    • 서울특별시 종로구 사직로 161
  • Price
    • ₩3,000
  • Phone
    • +82-2-3700-3904~5|  +82-2-738-9171|  +82-2-3210-1645~6
  • Website (English, Korean)

창경궁 (Changgyeonggung)

162 thoughts on “Korean Palaces by Moonlight

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  4. Exquisite. The palaces are an example of Korea at it’s most imperial times. I never knew how close the architecture would be to China and Japan. I will probably never have the opportunity to visit, although it would be amazing. Thank you for your photo history lesson.

  5. My favorite picture is the very last one with the building reflecting in the water. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  11. This reminded me of my own happy time in Seoul 10 years ago. I have beautiful shots of this palace that have a very special place in my heart. My heart bounced happily when I saw yours

  12. Definitely a must see when visiting Korea. First I’ve ever heard of a tour. I usually just show up. I was there about 5-6 years ago and there was a ceremony taking place. Was pretty cool.

  13. Really beautiful pictures! I especially love the last few pics that show the painted bamboo supports up close. Thanks for sharing…I love this!

  14. Wow these palaces are awesome! I’ve visited loads in Asia and they somehow remind me of a cross between Japan and China, but not quite either hahaha. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  15. I’ve wanted to visit China and Japan for a very long time, they’re oriental cultural centres. I thank you: now I’ve been reminded that South Korea is one as well. I would really like to visit Seoul if for nothing else, for the chance to see these palaces. Excellent photography. It is on point.

    • It’s definitely worth it to see the palaces in person. Korea is full of beautiful historical places. If you ever get the chance to visit, I’m sure you’d love it. I’m so glad you liked my photos ^^ Thanks for checking them out ❤

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  17. I was in Seoul in Spring 2013 and saw most of the palaces. Your photography makes them more beautiful mysterious and enthralling than daylight. They seem here to be more than ever oases of charm and peace in that very complex bustling modern and high rise city. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Love the pictures. For the moment we are in new caledonie. Also a photographers paradise. But we surely will visite your country I like the architecture.

    • Wow! I’d love to visit New Caledonia someday. You must be getting some amazing photos out there *^^* You should definitely check out Korea sometime. Totally different experience, but the traditional architecture is beautiful ❤

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