Aritaum “Mono Eyes” Eyeshadows & Palette

A few months ago, I found myself wandering into an Aritaum. Since their products are a bit more on the expensive side, I typically tend to avoid going there unless I know exactly what to buy. I don’t mind paying good money for high quality cosmetics, but since I’m more of a trial and error kind of person and not much of a cosmetics expert, this store could essentially be the death of my wallet.Palette + Shadows

On this particular day, however, a super cute eyeshadow palette caught my eye. It was a limited edition Aritaum x Zero Per Zero collaboration, a white case with the Seoul subway map printed on it in pastel along with a few iconic landmarks. Even though I didn’t have the eyeshadows to fill it with, I had to have it. It was love at first sight.Aritaum x Zero Per Zero

Since I needed 12 eyeshadows, which really adds up at 5,000 a piece, I decided too wait for one of their rare 1 + 1 sales. Last week I finally got my chance!Mono EyesMono Eyes

Aritaum has one of the prettiest and most intimidating selections of eyeshadows I’ve ever seen. Luckily I had my friend Joan to help me out. I knew I wanted to create the ultimate palette, one I could use for day or night. Unfortunately I had no idea how to put this together. Enter Joan the make-up guru =). Using browns, pinks and whites she put together the PERFECT palette for me. A lovely combination of mattes, satins and glitters.Palette + Shadows

So far, I love my custom palette! I haven’t played with all the colours yet, but I have been experiment with the Korean “date make-up” look using the No. 79 (Ginger Powder), No. 37 (Cocktail Dress) and No. 113 (Candy Drops). I really like No. 113. All though it’s a glitter eyeshadow, it has little to no fall out.Date Makeup (open)Date Makeup (closed)

Overall the eyeshadows have excellent pigmentation and are long lasting. The price is also really great for the quality you get (even better when they’re on sale). Aritaum has a great selection of colours, but if you’re a bit indecisive like me it can be really overwhelming. So if you don’t know where to start, definitely have a more experienced friend help you out like I did. However, if you don’t have access to a beauty guru of your own you can alway borrow mine! Be sure to check out Joan’s Youtube channel for great Korean cosmetic tips and tutorials. Until next time…Custom Palette

Aritaum Mono Eyes – 아리따움 모노아이즈

(My palette colours from top to bottom, left to right)

  • No. 97 – Modern Fatal (모던파탈)
  • No. 113 – Candy Drops (캔디드롭스)
  • No. 37 – Cocktail Dress (칵테일드레스)
  • No. 82 – Everyday (에브리데이)
  • No. 26 – Sweety (스윗티스트)
  • No. 89 – Brown Stone (브라운스톤)
  • No. 61 – Earth (얼쓰)
  • No. 79 – Ginger Powder (진저파우더)
  • No. 50 – Eye Sleep (아이슬립)
  • No. 56 – Grey Veil (그레이베일)
  • No. 30 – Cavier Pink (캐비어핑크)
  • No. 60 – Dusk Grey (더스크그레이)

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