How To Be A Red Devil

In Korea, soccer is a really big part of the culture and it seems like everybody knows at least a little bit about soccer. So if you live here, it’s really hard not to get swept up in the excitement… especially during the world cup. With Korea’s final defining game quickly approaching, the team needs all of our support and good vibes now more than ever. So if you’re new to all this, here are 3 simple ways to get into the “Fighting” spirit!

1. Dress like a Red Devil

Korea’s national team, 태극전사 (The Taegeuk Warriors), has an insanely patriotic fan base known as the Red Devils. So if you like to paint your face, wear the team jersey, wave around the korean flag and belt out all the songs and chants, welcome to the club! You can get your most of your Korea gear at places like Homeplus or E-mart. These places will have huge fully stocked displays with hats, jerseys, scarves and even flags.Red DevilWorld Cup Couple Shirts

If you want to keep it simple, a jersey will run you a mere 10,000. For the more hardcore Red Devils, however, you could always turn this into a “couple clothes” moment and create a cute matching look with your significant other. While you’re at it… be sure to style up you furry little friend too. Nothing says “I love my team!” more than when you include you pet in on the action.Uyu FrontUyu Back

2. Eat like a Red Devil

So you’ve got all your gear on and you fully look the part, but let’s face it… it’s just not enough. That’s when you have to get your grub on with some tasty Red Devil inspired treats. If you’re looking for a small sugar booster, your local Dunkin’ Donuts has the perfect fix. Their “승리의 레드 벨벳” (“For Win Red Velvet Glazed”) donut is a special promotion item made specially for the world cup. Complete with devil horns, this donut is soft with a light red velvety taste and a sweet gooey glaze on top. At only ₩1,100 it’s too good to pass up!승리의 레드 벨벳

If you’re looking to share a treat with a fellow Red Devil, then Cafe Bene definitely has what you need. As part of their World Cup promotional desserts, they have a “초코 악마 빙수” (“Choco Devil Bing Su”). ₩9,800 gets you a bowl filled with a mishmash of chocolate brownie chunks, red bean, crushed Oreo pieces, corn flakes, shaved ice, and chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and decorative chocolate pieces. It’s everything a chocoholic could want and more.   초코 악마 빙수

3. Cheer like a Red Devil

Last, but certainly not least, go out there and cheer for your team. The best part of being a Red Devil is being able to watch the games and show your support. Whether you go to a large gathering to watch the game on a big screen among thousands of enthusiastic fans, a bar with just a couple of good friends or even stay in to watch it from the comfort of you own home, it’s always the excitement of the game that makes you proud to be a Red Devil.COEX World Cup Korea vs Greece

Win or lose, Korea fans love their team. Even if you don’t know a whole lot about soccer, it’s still fun just to watch, support and be part of that community and environment. So get out there and don’t miss the Korea vs Belgium game. Korea Fighting!!!



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