Urban Jungle

As I’ve mentioned before, 홍대 (Hongdae) is one of the most heavily fashion-oriented districts in Seoul. Due to the strong influence of the students from 홍익대학교 (Hongik University), the arts university after which the area is named, hip-hop/urban fashion is particularly popular. Hoodies, Snap-backs, padded vests and boots are all popular and comfortable items worn by both guys and girls. For this photoshoot, I decided to go with a snapback and vest by Dnine Reserve. Recently Dnine (an LA street wear brand) has been making a bit of a splash here in Korea, as it is starting to show up in the wardrobes of various Korean celebrities and on the shelves of many different stores. I totally fell in love with this vest and it’s cheetah print inner lining. It’s cool, sexy and definitely warm!DnineFull BodyJacket Lining Hat DetailHat DetailUpper

 | Vest: Dnine Reserve | Hat: Dnine Reserve |

Photography by: Michael Song

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    1. Thanks so much Kris! Living in Seoul has definitely opened my eyes to a whole new realm of fashionable possibilities ^^

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