A Dark Knight in Seoul

Ever since I was a little kid, Batman has always been my favorite super hero. Now with the movie industry cashing in on the Marvel and DC franchise, all of Seoul has gone crazy for superheroes as well. Much to my delight, all sorts of superhero gear which I like to refer to as “geek chic” can be found not only at large chain stores, but small boutiques as well. To be honest, I prefer the smaller stores because their items tend to be unique or handmade like the sweatshirt I chose for this fashion shoot. For this particular look I drew inspiration from Tim Burton’s Batman, using lots of black leather, silver studs and buckles and his iconic take on the bat symbol.    Studded BagLeather JacketCloseup Batman ShirtBlingSkirt & Shirt Detail Boots DetailBenched

 | Jacket: Soup | Bag: SSFW | Skirt: Forever 21 | Boots: Gmarket | Bracelet: SSFW |

Photography by: Michael Song

2 thoughts on “A Dark Knight in Seoul

  1. Nice pics. I’m totally not into most of these superhero movies. Too childish. But these Chris Nolan Batmans are the best superhero movies ever.

    1. Hi Jamie! I’m glad you like the pics ^^ I’m a total sucker when it comes to superhero movies & comics.Batman is my favorite character, so I’m a pretty big fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy too.

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