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Things have really been heating up here in Seoul as summer continues to drag on. While I’ve always found myself to be more of a winter gal, I can honestly say I do see some of summer’s redeeming qualities (weather not included). One of my most favorite of these qualities would definitely be the fashion! Fashion in Seoul is ever changing and so unique that it is quite rare for you to ever see someone walking around dressed in the same outfit as you… well unless you’re going for the couple look with your significant other (lol).Le Bunny Bleu

Le Bunny Bleu is one of my favorite shoe stores to visit, ESPECIALLY during the summer. Every summer they always seem to have the cutest line of shoes and I really can’t help but buy a pair… or two. Aside from being incredibly cute and girly, their shoes are also super comfy. I particularly love their sandals and ballet flats.WelcomeShoe Heaven

Sandals The problem I usually have with most ballet flats is that they cut the back of my heels after a day of wearing them. I suppose it’s a bit of a love hate relationship, but I never have this problem with this particular brand. They never hurt my feet and are made really well with high quality materials. I do A LOT of walking on a daily bases. Seriously… living in Seoul can certainly do a number on your favorite shoes, but these really to rise to the challenge. Each box even comes with a cloth drawstring bag to keep you shoes in for that extra storage care.FlatsRain Boots

I have to admit, one of my favorite things about this brand is their bunny logo. I really love bunnies. It may sound childish, but having  adorable bunnies on my shoes is probably 50% of the reason why I buy them. Too cute! I can’t be the only one who thinks like that though… right?Slip-OnsOxfords Sparkly

SpikesLe Bunny Bleu is actually a company from New York, but they have several locations all over Seoul and globally actually. Products do vary from store to store , so my favorite store is located in 홍대(Hongdae). They always have the newest lines and great season off sales. You should definitely ask for a discount stamp card if you plan on being a regular customer. They usually give them out with your receipt, but if your a foreigner they assume your just vacationing and won’t be back so you won’t get one without asking for it.Sandals SneakersAnimal PrintsColorful

I have been accumulating these shoes ever since i first moved to Seoul. To be honest, I still have shoes I bought from three years ago… in perfect condition. Of course I also do my best to take care of them and keep them stored in their original boxes. My favorite is a pair of white ballet flats with bunnies embroidered on them in different shades of pink. The were the first pair I ever bought and I love wearing them with cute lace or ruffled outfits with bows and clips in my hair. This innocent, girly, doll-like fashion is just one of the many styles here in Korea. This photo shoot was taken pretty recently and I was feeling particularly girly in my favorite pair of Le Bunny Bleu, so I decided to share it with all of you!Photoshoot Pink Bunny Flats

If you don’t live in Korea, never fear! They have a great website and they ship globally. So you can look super cute no matter where you live. You can check it out HERE. You can also find out if there is a location in your area. I really prefer in store shopping to online shopping. You get to try things on and see if the fit or style really suits you. It’s a much more personal experience and it’s fun. So next time you need shoes, you should definitely “hop” on by. Happy shopping!Le Bunny Bleu Map

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