I Like My Ice Fluffed

One of the best things about my visit back home was that everyone wanted to take me to cool places. Unfortunately for my figure, the majority of those places involved food. With that in mind, one afternoon my little sister said “let’s go get some fluff ice,” like I was supposed to know what that was. My blank stare lead to an overreacted “You don’t know what fluff ice is?!?” It was like I had just told her I had never  been to Disneyland. On that note, we hopped into my car and drove down to Atlantic Times Square in Monrovia.Fluff Ice

When we walked into the store, I took in a deep whiff of a very nostalgic and familiar smell. It smelled like almond flavoring, milk tea and boba (tapioca, pearls, or what have you). I had worked at and managed a boba place for a few years while I was in college and to be honest, I never tired of that smell. In a strange way, it smelled like home. I was a bit confused as to why a shaved ice place smelled like that though, but when I looked at the menu I knew why.Inside the Fluff

Cute Original ArtFirst we had to pick our size which ranged from mini to large. We decided to get a medium and share it. Next was the flavor. The flavors of fluff ice varied from your basic strawberry, mango and peach to the more asian familiar taro, thai and almond. It was pretty cool! I’ve always been a sucker for almond, so we went with that. Finally you get to choose your topping. They really had their bases covered with toppings that could satisfy anyones’ tastebuds. They had fresh fruits, jellies, puddings, sprinkles, oreos, cheesecake bites and a bunch more. They also had premium toppings like blue honey boba and mochi for 50 cents more. Our size came with two topping with the option to add more for and additional 50 cents each. We decided to keep it simple with some graham cracker crust and yogurt chips.Delicious Fluff Ice

What is Fluff Ice?My sister didn’t know how to exactly describe what fluff ice was. From what I could gather it seemed like shaved ice which didn’t seem like that big a deal to me, but when I tasted it… I couldn’t get enough! It tasted like the love child of shaved ice and froyo. In a word it was MAGIC. It was the ideal summer treat especially for the weight conscious like me (depending on your topping choices). It actually made me want to try everything else on their menu, especially something called “Frosted Milk.” It looked like fluff ice, but in drink form drizzled with a special caramel brown sugar house syrup. Yum! Alas, time didn’t permit me to do so, but I will definitely be back for more!Sister Bonding Time

If you’re interested in having your ice fluffed, you can grab a cup at either of their two delightful locations. Happy eating!

500 N Atlantic Blvd Suite 153
Monterey Park, CA 91754



346 W Huntington Dr
Monrovia, CA 91016


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