The Sun Will Come Out…Tomorrow?

While I do love the rain and I don’t mind the occasional gloomy day from time to time, after a day like yesterday today seems like such a downer. It’s not even really raining, just drizzling with an overcast that makes the city look like something out of a Tim Burton movie (not in a good way). So, instead of succumbing to a case of the gloomies let’s flashback to yesterday.

Yesterday was the first day that actually felt like winter was coming to an end. The sun was out and all you really needed was a light jacket. It was too good not to take advantage of this rare opportunity, so we headed to 선유도공원 (Seonyudo Park). It was such a lovely day. The park was full of families, couples and photographers (but not overcrowded). I think my puppy had the best time of all; lots of attention and running time. It was the perfect opportunity for photography too (excellent natural lighting)

The parks in Korea are really something to experience. There are all kinds of paths and walkways, statues and wall art, various gardens and wildlife. It’s just really hard not to get swept up in one. You’ll be surprised at how fast the time will fly. I could go on, but I’d rather just share some pics and perhaps your ember your curiosity.

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