Q&A: Café Chat

Okay. So now that I’ve gone on and on about different cafés (and will probably continue doing so), let’s brush up on some Korean. Here are some helpful phrases to use at a café. If you need extra help or have any questions, please feel free to ask.


  • Q: 뭐 드릴까요? (mwuh duh-ril-gga-yo)
    • What would you like?
  • A: 커피 주세요. (huh-pi joo-seh-yo)
    • I would like a coffee.
      • *You can replace the underlined part with anything you want to order.
  • 생크림 얼이지 마세요. (seng-keu-rim ol-ee-ji ma-seh-yo)
    • Hold the whip cream.
  • 디카페인 커피로 주세요. (dee-ka-pe-in coffee-ro joo-seh-yo)
    • Make my coffee decaf.
  • 진하게 해 주세요. (jin-ha-ge heh joo-seh-yo)
    •  Please make mine strong.
  • 연하게 해 주세요. (yun-ha-ge heh joo-seh-yo)
    •  Please make mine weak.
  • 너무 달지 않게 해 주세요. (nuh-moo dal-ji ahn-ge heh joo-se-yo)
    • Please don’t make it too sweet.

  • Q: 포장해 드릴까요? (po-jang-heh duh-ril-gga yo)
    • Do you want this to go?
  • A: 내, 포장해 주세요. (ne, po-jang-heh joo-se-yo)
    • Yes, please make it to go.

  • Q: 먹으로 드릴까요? (mug-euh-ro duh-ril-gga-yo)
    • Do you want this served in a mug? (Do you want to drink this here?)
  • A: 아니오, 포장해 주세요. (ah-ni-yo po-jang-he joo-seh-yoh)
    • No, please make it to go.
  • 내, 고맙습니다. (ne, go-mab-seub-ni-da)
    • Yes, thank you.

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