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The Charlie Brown (Snoopy) Cafe

First things first, I call it the Charlie Brown Snoopy Cafe. It is called the Charlie Brown Cafe, but I always thought that Charlie Brown was a wimp and Snoopy was the real draw to Schultz’s strip. So please don’t get confused.

Welcome to the Charlie Brown Cafe.

The cafe is located in Hongdae and I passed by it several times without realizing what it was or even noticing the statues of Peanuts characters or huge sign advertising the cafe itself. It’s located in the corner of a park but, good luck finding it without a smartphone with GPS though.

The man, the myth, the legend.

Walk in the front doors and the first words out of your mouth will be “Woah…” I say words, because you’ll say them several times. Handmade sculptures of various scenes and characters are in glass cases everywhere depicting all of your favorite characters and even a few you might hate (LUCY!). Yes all the cheesy chairs, tables and lights are there but the real draw here are all the figurines and characters brought to life painstakingly by a skilled hand.

The menu has what you’d expect with coffees,  frappes, and sweets and for the most part you can’t go wrong. I would advise that some of their drinks come out sweeter than I preferred but I was more than happy with the quality. The desserts are the same quality as those you’ll find at the Hello Kitty Cafe with one notable exception; huge sweet fruit covered monstrosity (10,000 Won).

As far as cafes go, this place has a good menu at a decent price along with all the things that come along with being a themed cafe. The cafe is a pretty popular spot in the area (during the day) and finding a seat can be difficult, get here in the early or later on to get seats avoid long waits.

Head out Exit 5 from Hongdae Station(홍대역) off the green #2 line. Follow the map, if you get lost look for the park and try walking a lap around it. The cafe is located on the first floor and has several statues of Peanuts characters at the entrance.


Check out the Hello Kitty Cafe or the Bauhaus (Dog) Cafe, both are in the same area and aren’t too far away from the Charlie Brown Cafe. Or if you’re in the area and you have some time to kill, check out some of the stores around the area and get some shopping done.

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