Michelin Guide Seolleongtang in Seoul

My earliest memories of take out aren’t McDonalds or KFC, they’re of styrofoam tubs of savory seolleongtang (설렁탕), or ox bone soup. And ever since, it’s literally been my favorite Korean dish. Just up the street from Starfield Library is Waygojip Seolleongtang, a Michelin Guide restaurant that offers a delicious bowl of seolleongtang for 13,000 KRW. You can pay a bit extra for premium cuts … Continue reading Michelin Guide Seolleongtang in Seoul

Chicken Kalguksu for the Seoul

Kalguksu (칼국수) is a mainstay among traditional Korean dishes. Unlike other noodle dishes like ramen or even Italian pastas, the noodles in kalguksu are cut by hand using comically large knives. The texture can change from restaurant to restaurant, but the signature flour used in kalguksu results in softer noodles with a slight chewy texture. And while kalguksu comes in an infinite number of varieties, … Continue reading Chicken Kalguksu for the Seoul