Pokémon Go Week: Seoul

Recently, Seoul had its very own Pokémon Go event! While there have been other related events before, Pokémon GO Week was the first official event held here. Actually, it was just part of the larger 2 week Pokémon Festa event in Korea, which included Pikachu parades,  pop-up shops, card tournaments and stamp rallies to promote the new movie. Of course, I was all over this! In … Continue reading Pokémon Go Week: Seoul

Pokémon Go-es to Korea

In January, Pokémon Go was finally released in South Korea… 6 months after its launch date. Nonetheless, we were thrilled to get it, negative degree weather be damned. I suppose the silver lining would be that we only had to wait a month till the release of Gen 2. So far, Seoul’s congested atmosphere has made for a very interesting gaming experience. You don’t have … Continue reading Pokémon Go-es to Korea