Inside Seoul’s Ghibli Exhibit

Once a again Studio Ghibli has decided to grace Seoul with another phenomenal exhibit. This is Ghibli’s second exhibit in Seoul and I have been lucky enough to see both of them! Ah yes, it’s a wonderful time to be an otaku living in Seoul. Unlike the previous Layout Design Exhibit, which featured original art and concepts from several Ghibli films, this exhibition takes the magical … Continue reading Inside Seoul’s Ghibli Exhibit

Studio Ghibli Layout Design Exhibition

Ever since I first watched Spirited Away, I have been a devoted fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. The beauty and creativity that are signature to his films are, in my opinion, unmatched. While I have never thought much of his human characters (because they all look alike), the amount of detail and imagination that goes into the creation of his different worlds and … Continue reading Studio Ghibli Layout Design Exhibition