the starfield library in the COEX mall of Seoul South Korea

Starfield Library (SEOUL), Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures and videos of the Starfield Library. A huge glass skylight letting in rays of natural light while rows of books aesthetically adorn winding, curvy shelves. But there are somethings every traveler needs to know about this photo hot spot before they plan their visit. Continue reading Starfield Library (SEOUL), Everything You Need to Know

The Land of Forgotten Toys: Yongma Land (용마랜드)

When listing all of Korea’s most beautiful landmarks, an abandoned amusement park may be the furthest thing from your mind. Yet it may just be one of the most memorable palaces I’ve ever been to in Seoul. In an older part of Korea, near a traditional family burial ground at the base of Seoul’s eastern mountains, lies an abandoned wonderland. 용마랜드 (Yongma Land) opened its … Continue reading The Land of Forgotten Toys: Yongma Land (용마랜드)

2013 Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung

Last month I had the rare pleasure of being able to stroll the grounds of a lovely Korean palace by moonlight. Every so often, palaces open their gates to the public for a rare opportunity to view them at night. This particular tour was the 2013 Moonlight Tour at 창덕궁 (Changdeok Palace). Not only does this tour require a ₩30,000 entrance fee, but also an … Continue reading 2013 Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Buddha’s birthday or 석가탄신일 fell on May 17th this year. For the entire month of May, Buddhist temples are decorated in beautiful colorful paper lanterns. You can actually find lanterns lined along many streets in Korea in celebration of this day as part of the Lotus Lantern Festival. Because this is considered a national holiday, government offices many other places of work are closed for the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Buddha!