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Gyeongbokgung Night Tour

Korea is full of beautiful and historical landmarks, but 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung) will always be our favorite. We visit the palace at least once every season, in every kind of weather, any chance we get. We love the history, unique architecture and vibrant colors. In fact, it’s even the place my husband proposed.

Needless to say we never tire of roaming the palace grounds, but one of our favorite times to visit would have to be when it opens at night. As the sun sets and sky darkens, the dim yellow glow of lights and lanterns start to highlight the intricate wooden frames of each building. It is a hauntingly beautiful sight that only gets better as guests begin to funnel in dressed in colorful hanbok. It really brings the palace to life!

Right now the Gyeongbokgung Night Tour will be taking place from May 3 ~ May 31, after which it will be closed until the next season. Tickets go on sale at the palace ticket booth at 6:30pm, with about 150 tickets set aside every night specifically for foreigners. Entrance to the palace is only 3,000, but completely free if you dress in hanbok.

It truly is a one of a kind experience and if you happen to be in Seoul this month definitely check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “Gyeongbokgung Night Tour

  1. Hi Lexi, so glad to see your blog post again, have missed your Korea posts! 🙂 Gyeongbokgung looks so beautiful at night, hope I’ll get a chance to see it!

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