Korean Eyelash Extensions: Shu Eyelash **UPDATED**

It seems as though Korea’s high standards of beauty have many running to the best plastic surgeons money can buy. I’m not one to want to go under the knife, but I’ll admit after years of living in Korea, even I get a little self conscious at times. Luckily, there are many MANY other ways to enhance your physical beauty that don’t require surgery or thousands of dollars. One of those ways is through eyelash extensions.Shu Eyelash

For those of you who are unfamiliar, there are a few different types of eyelash extensions, but the ones I’m referring to are synthetic lashes (typically made of silk) that are applied over your natural eyelashes one by one. A special adhesive is used that is designed to last until the natural lashes fall off on their own.Interior

This process is incredibly common in Seoul and there are several places that provide this service. You may not notice a first, but many young women get these false lashes as a way to make their eyes pop or look bigger. Also, it’s a great time saver when doing you’re make-up in the morning. Honestly, when they’re done right, you may find that you can get away with wearing little to no makeup. It’s fantastic!close-up

However, as fabulous as they are, they do require a bit of maintenance and attention. First, you mustn’t use any oil based products around your eyes, this includes oil based makeup removers. Second, no rubbing or scrubbing of the eyes. Third, make sure to lightly brush through them with an eyebrow comb to keep them looking nice and full. Finally, take it easy on the eye makeup. These eyelashes don’t require any mascara whatsoever, but if you’re a liquid eyeliner person like me, it will require some GENTLE precision to apply and remove it.process

If taken care of properly, these lashes usually last 4~6 weeks and if you go back in after 3 weeks, you can usually get a touchup for half the price. I’ve had the process done twice so far and was lucky enough to have good experiences both times. Most recently I visited a place near 이태원역 (Itaewon Station) called Shu Eyelash.process

Shu Eyelash is a small place run by Shu, as she prefers to be called, who has been practicing eyelash extension for around 6 years. She is really friendly and can speak English rather well. Eyelash extensions come in various lengths, colors and thicknesses, from natural-looking, to glamorous, to dramatic. So, we discussed what I wanted and she gave her opinion on what my look best on me. She also has a few examples on display if you have no idea what you want. The first time I had this done, I went for a long, but natural look and I really liked it. Since I’m doing more entertainment work these days, I wanted something that would look better in photos and on TV, without looking too fake in person. A lot to ask for I know, but she said she could do it.Before w/o MakeupAfter w/o Makeup

Her office is nice and quiet with soft mellow music playing, so it was very relaxing. The whole process takes around one and a half hours, so I found myself drifting in and out of sleep (something she recommends). When it was done I was really impressed with the results. To be honest, it was a big change so it took some time for me to adjust to them, but I really like them now. My lashes are 9-11-12 because I wanted them a little longer on the ends. It gives my eyes a bit more of a dramatic look, especially with makeup on.Before w/ MakeupAfter w/o Makeup

Basic lashes like these will run you ₩55,000, or ₩50,000 with cash. After three weeks, you can go in for a ₩30,000 touch up if you’d like them to last longer. Since she runs her own shop, she only takes in one person at a time and only by appointment. I recommend making an appointment through kakao talk because it’s super easy. You can reach her through her Kakao ID: shu407 or by phone: 010-9188-0506.

If you can think of anywhere else that does eyelash extensions really well or you want some more information about this place, feel free to leave a comment below.Shu Eyelash

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40 thoughts on “Korean Eyelash Extensions: Shu Eyelash **UPDATED**

  1. I may try her when I visit Seoul next month!
    Also, have you been to a nail supply shop called Daita before? I can’t find any info on it online.

  2. Hi there may i ask if this is a strand by strand extension and if it hurts during the glueing process 🙂

    1. Hi Xanthia! Yes this is a lash by lash process. It doesn’t hurt, but if it’s your first time having your lashes done it may feel a bit strange. Sometimes there is a bit of tugging, but nothing that would actually hurt. To be honest… I usually take a nap while I get them done ^^;; lol!

  3. Just made an appointment with her she speaks English very well and I have no problems communicating with her. Thank you for being a life saver.

  4. Hi, your lashes look amazing! May I ask what kind of lashes were they (e.g. Silk, j-curl)? And the length you chose? Also, would you happen to know what 60모 70모 100모 refers to? I’ve seen this a few times on websites.

    1. Thanks so much! All the lashes used at this place are silk and I always opt for the regular/ natural curl. The j-curl is pretty if you have straight lashes, otherwise they look really strange when they grow out. As for the length I always get 9-11-12.

      1. Thanks~! Do you by any chance have any brow shaping and nail salon recommendations? Also if you know any good lash places near gangnam do let me know!

  5. Does she have an email that you know of? Or website? I can call her, but I’m in the US and I’m not sure if that would result in her getting a charge (I’m comfortable paying for it but don’t want to assume for her). Trying to make an appointment before I arrive!

    1. She doesn’t have a website or a work email that I know of. If you want to book an appointment before you’re arrival, I recommend downloading the Kakao Talk app on your phone and messaging her through there. That will probably be easiest.

  6. Good afternoon! Where in Korea you can buy high quality eyelashes shipping to Russia? Thank you in advance!

  7. Do you think she does long, thick & super dramatic eyelash? I’m going to a big party next week So I want it really dramatic.

    1. Yes she absolutely does! I usually prefer something similar to that style ^^. Since the extensions are glued to your real lashes, there maybe a limit as to how long she can make them (so as not to damage your real lashes).

  8. I’m planning on going to get them done when I go to seoul but I’m only staying in seoul for 3 weeks and was not planning on getting any refills when I’m there but as soon as I get back home I was going to get them professionally removed. Just wanted to know if they looked horrendous after 3-4 weeks

    1. Not bad at all! However, it really depends on how you take care of them. If you wear a lot of eye makeup, they may not last as long. They don’t require removing either. They fall off naturally with your real lashes.

  9. Not bad at all! However, it really depends on how you take care of them. If you wear a lot of eye makeup, they may not last as long.

  10. Hi Lexi, I recently moved to Seocho and am wondering if other than Shu, you have tried other places? I do not know what the prices for eyelash extensions are here and if they vary significantly from district to district. Thank you so much!

  11. Hello! Does she also provide eyelash perms and dyeing? If not, do you know where in Seoul I could find them?

  12. hello! im going to korea in a few days Im wondering how many strands did you get on both sides – cuz it’s looks very full and i don’t plan to do so much! (it’ll be my first time doing!)

    1. I always go for a bit more of a “dramatic” look. She pretty much puts a lash on each one of my natural lashes. You probably want to go for a “natural” look if you want less.

  13. When you say “natural lashes fall out on their own” you mean the ones she just glued right? As in, the special adhesive will eventually wear out and they’ll fall by themselves like natural ones?

    1. If you take good care of your eyelash extensions they will fall off when you shed your natural lashes. It’s considered normal to lose 1~4 eyelashes per day to make way for new lashes, but everyone is different =)

  14. Hi iam in Seoul for next 2 days I would like to get some extensions how do I make an appointment?

  15. Hi my sis and I are going to Seoul next month and we are looking for some good eyelashes extensions places so thank you so much for uploading the video and info about the place. You look so BEAUTIFUL! Also, can you let me know if you have any good and cheap salon in Seoul? Thank you!

  16. Does she have an email now to mail her. I am here for 2 days and i want to make an oppointment. Is that possible?

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